NHL Hockey Coming to Vegas?

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

How does that strike you? The NHL could be the first of the big four pro sports to put a franchise in Las Vegas. In my opinion it is long overdue.

You can have and do pretty much whatever you want in Vegas, except watch a pro sport that matters live. Plenty of Americans may disagree with the NHL being relevant, but you can’t dent that this may be a test case for the three other big pro sports.

98.5 KLUC Las Vegas

According to a report, a National Hockey League franchise in Las Vegas is imminent. Tony Gallagher reports in British Columbia, Canada’s The Province that Vegas’ receiving its’ first major professional sports team is a “done deal.”

See Tony’s story here.

With the expected debut of the privately financed MGM-AEG 20,000 seat arena on land west of the New York-New York parking garage in 2016, it would seem likely that any prospective NHL team would call it home.

Now, the important stuff. Let’s say the story is true and Vegas does, indeed, get an NHL franchise. What will the team name be?

Before we get into it, may we eliminate one category? Listen closely, yet unannounced ownership group, NO OLD TIMEY WILD WEST NAMES. This ain’t home on the range. We’re not cowboys. We don’t hang out in saloons. So, no Outlaws, Posse or Wranglers, please. Seriously, the first person…

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