Great shot of the Manhattan Bridge, it has been years since I have laid eyes on it.

But what a site it was the first time.

My Introduction to NYC? Pizza at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge and a trip to Wall St. @ 5:00 Pm on a Friday. I’ll never forget it.


Manhattan Bridge

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NHL Hockey Coming to Vegas?

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How does that strike you? The NHL could be the first of the big four pro sports to put a franchise in Las Vegas. In my opinion it is long overdue.

You can have and do pretty much whatever you want in Vegas, except watch a pro sport that matters live. Plenty of Americans may disagree with the NHL being relevant, but you can’t dent that this may be a test case for the three other big pro sports.

Absolutely crazy, in the name of higher profits for airlines it has come to this. No doubt that manners and self respect seem to go out the window when people are packed into a planes fuselage like sardines!

There really is a simple remedy, respect the fact that there is a person in front of you and behind you. Don’t force your seat too far back and don’t bang on the seat in front of you, courtesy goes a long way!

In the name of the almighty dollar, consideration is going out the window!

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – The inventor of a plastic gadget that prevents airline seats from reclining fired back at critics Tuesday.

His device, called the Knee Defender, stoked tempers between two passengers Sunday and forced a plane bound for Denver International Airport to divert to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

According to United Airlines, a man used the Knee Defender to the seat in front of him to prevent it from reclining. Two clips on the device attach to a seat-back tray and keep the passenger in front from shifting the seat back. The woman sitting in front of him insisted he remove it — and so did a flight attendant — but he refused. The other passenger then threw water in his face.

Both passengers were sitting in a section of the plane with four extra inches of leg space per seat.

The inventor said he created it because he was…

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This was a spectacle, less to do with sports and more to do with everything KISS. One thing you can’t deny, they are marketing masters, who else could bring sex and rock n roll together with football?

They don’t do anything unless it is loud!


Paul Stanley, 4th and Loud More the Paul and Gene Show than a look into arena football–but is anyone surprised?

UPDATED:  Really bad football but good reality show, nevertheless.

4th AND LOUD continues on AMC tonight, and thus far the LA KISS appears to be a successful venture for everyone involved—owners, coaches, investors, players, and fans alike. This week, will they take that momentum and take another step forward in arena football/entertainment and truly succeed in helping the LA KISS stand on its own?

Gene Simmons knows a good deal when he sees one—above everything, he is a businessman at heart. But, what exactly is the point of LA KISS? Is it primarily an arena football franchise, or is it a vehicle to produce another successful reality series for the long-time front-man of KISS, the band? Simmons had great success on “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels,” opening his family life up to the world…

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Simply the Best!

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Welcome to only the best.

This is the place to find interesting news,from around the web on everything from sports to celebrity, current issues to interesting facts from the past. You will find it all in one place right here and of course, it will only be the best!